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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite Review

Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite Review

Cellulite is one of the most embarrassing things to have to deal with; it can do a serious number on your self esteem and can have a very negative impact on your self esteem. There are many products available these days that claim to help eliminate cellulite, but many of them don't really do any good.

Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite is a product by Cellutone that claims to diminish and eliminate cellulite using egg-based ingredients. Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite turns away from many proven scientific facts and chooses instead to use ingredients that have no real benefits. Cellutone markets this product as being effective, but it simply is not.

What Is Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite?

Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite is a cream that is designed to be applied to the skin in order to get rid of cellulite. Unfortunately, Cellutone - the makers of this product - has decided that traditional and highly proven methods including massage and caffeine are actually no good when it comes to treating cellulite. Therefore, Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite cream relies on a bizarre mix of ingredients and disregards caffeine altogether. People are advised to use this Cellutone product regularly, and are promised that over time Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite will get rid of their cellulite.

Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite Ingredients

The primary ingredient in Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite - and the one that is the most highlighted by Cellutone in general - is Ovasome. Ovasome is an egg-based product that uses several essential oils to supposedly make the properties of the egg work more effectively. There are other ingredients in Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite, but the one that gets the most attention - and upon which the most benefits are based - is Ovasome. There is no caffeine in this Cellutone cream, which is strange because caffeine is a mainstay of cellulite removal creams.

Does Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite Work?

As anxious as people are to rid themselves of cellulite, they also want to be careful about investing in a product that actually works. Sadly, Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite does not provide any great benefits. Indeed, people quickly discover that this Cellutone cream offers lackluster results and seems to work more as a placebo than an actual effective product. There are many great cellulite removal products out there, but Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite is definitely not one of them. Those who are serious about doing something for their cellulite should investigate better, more effective products.

Best Cellulite Cream

When shopping for a cellulite cream that actually works, it's important to look for certain key ingredients. Number one on that list? Caffeine. As mentioned before, Cellutone cream does not contain any caffeine at all. Glaucine is another essential ingredient to look for in a cellulite treatment; Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite does not contain any glaucine, either. Finally, you should look for a product that uses vitamin C, which is a great antioxidant and can help boost the effects of a product. Skip Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite and choose a product with proven ingredients instead.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best Cellulite Creams 2009

Best Cellulite Creams 2009

One of the surest ways to dread putting on a bathing suit is knowing that you've got unsightly cellulite on your buttocks, thighs, belly or elsewhere. Cellulite can make you very self conscious and can ruin an otherwise fun time. Many products on the market today claim to eliminate cellulite - but which ones actually work? We're going to take a look at the best cellulite creams 2009 in order to help you make a smart choice. Read all about the best cellulite creams 2009 in order to get a better idea about which creams work. By educating yourself with the best cellulite creams 2009, you'll know which product are worth investing your hard earned money in and are far likelier to achieve great results.

Honorable Mention: Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite

First up on the list of the best cellulite creams 2009 is Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite. This product is a decent one; it works by using egg, which has been shown to have positive benefits for the skin. It also claims to help shrink away fat, which is a bonus. It doesn't make it to the top of the list of the best cellulite creams 2009, though, because it is a tad pricey and doesn't perform quite as well as other contenders. However, it earns a spot on the list of the best cellulite creams 2009 for being easy to use and pretty effective, especially when used as directed. If you're looking for a decent cellulite cream, this one can work for you.

Runner-Up: Revitol Cellulite Cream

Next up on our list of the best cellulite creams 2009 is Revitol. Revitol is the go-to cellulite cream for many people, and is one of the best known products available today. It earns its spot on the list of the best cellulite creams 2009 because it is easy to apply and uses all natural ingredients to help diminish and eliminate cellulite. Revitol is a bit expensive, but you can save money by purchasing it in bulk quantities. Revitol does not earn the top spot on our list of the best cellulite creams 2009 because it still lacks a bit of effectiveness and just doesn't perform quite as well as the cream that did earn the top spot.

Best Cellulite Cream of 2009: Revitashape

Revitashape was a definite shoo-in for the top spot on our list of the best cellulite creams 2009 for many great reasons. First of all, its unique formula works to actually metabolize fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. This means that those fat cells are broken down, which helps reduce and eliminate cellulite very effectively. Another reason why Revitashape is at the top of our list of the best cellulite creams 2009 is because it is reasonably priced and well worth the money. Out of all of the creams listed on our list of the best cellulite creams 2009, Revitashape stands apart for offering the most comprehensive roster of benefits for people who are trying to rid themselves of cellulite once and for all.

Click here to read more about Revitashape.

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