Butt Firming Tennis Shoe

Since almost every adult woman struggles with weight and fitness issues at some point in her life, it comes as no surprise that manufacturers have recognized this market's huge potential and constantly churn out new products designed to fight fat and increase fitness. One of the latest products to enter this market are shoes that are specially designed to burn more calories and work muscles harder, especially those problematic muscles of the butt.

What is a Butt Firming Tennis Shoe?

Butt firming tennis shoes were first introduced by Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT for short), and more recently, larger tennis shoe makers like Reebok and Skechers have followed suit with their own models. The theory that these shoes use is that by making the shoe a bit unstable, the wearer is forced to work muscles harder and to use additional muscles to maintain their balance when wearing the shoes. In particular, the muscles in the legs, butt, and core are all activated when wearing these special shoes.

How can a Tennis Shoe Firm Your Butt?

Many of the studies that have so far been done on the butt firming tennis shoes have shown some benefit to wearing the shoes. Researchers notice both an increase in the rate of calories burned and increases in the rate of muscle movement and electrical activity within the muscle tissue, both of which indicate that the muscles are getting a better workout with the shoes than with conventional tennis shoes. The butt firming tennis shoes are also purported to help to alleviate poor circulation in thighs, legs, and buttocks.

One study that was commissioned by Reebok discovered that users of their EasyTone tennis shoes produced 11% greater activation of their calf and hamstring muscles and 28% greater muscle activation in their gluteus maximus (butt) muscle. One potential downside to this study is that the participants were measured with only 500 steps; with continued use, the user will likely get used to wearing the shoes and the benefits will decrease.

Do Butt Firming Tennis Shoes Work?

While butt firming tennis shoes seem to be beneficial in increasing the rate at which calories are burned and to effectively work muscles in the legs, butt, and core, the actual benefit as compared to exercising with regular tennis shoes is quite small. Once the wearers get used to the instability, the difference will likely be even further reduced.

As with most exercises, butt firming shoes do work muscles, but they do nothing to help with the appearance of the skin, which is what many women note as their problem area. The ripples and bumps caused by cellulite, which affects around 90% of adult women, are not effectively impacted by the use of butt firming shoes.

Best Way to Firm Your Butt

Rather than spend the hundreds of dollars that butt firming tennis shoes cost, a better investment for a firm butt is to use a highly-rated topical cream. The best butt-firming creams, which contain ingredients like Caffeine, Glaucine, Bupleurum Falcatum Extract, and Centella Asiatica Extract, are a powerful yet natural method to tighten and firm the appearance of the butt, legs, and other parts of the body.

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