Dermology Cellulite Solution Review

Rated: 9.3 out of 10

Dermology Review

Cellulite is one of the most dreaded cosmetic conditions. "Orange peel skin" and "cottage cheese thighs" frequently stand between women and their bikinis. Cellulite affects women regardless of size; both overweight and thin women suffer from cellulite.

With so many women trying to get rid of their cellulite, it's no wonder that there are so many cellulite creams. While some anti-cellulite creams are extremely effective, there are just as many that are not. We've reviewed many of the leading cellulite creams to find out which ones are breakthroughs and which ones are just busts.

How did Dermology fare? The manufacturer claims it can eliminate cellulite in weeks. Are these claims true? Does Dermology Cellulite Solution work?

Read our Dermology Cellulite Solution review below to find out.

Dermology Ingredients

Dermology contains a blend of herbal ingredients that help address the key causes of cellulite. The key ingredients in Dermology Cellulite Solution include:

  • Aloe - A known skin smoother. Helps with inflammation and swelling.
  • Caffeine - Dilates blood vessels, stimulates fluid drainage beneath the skin and encourages lipolysis.
  • Bladderwrack Extract - Improves circulation and drainage to eliminate excess fluids
  • Ephedra - Used in diet pills to increase metabolism. Topical use may or may not eliminate subcutaneous fat.
  • Retinol A - Vitamin A extract that repairs damaged skin and increases elasticity.
  • Cinnamon - Believed to increase circulation and flush out toxins.
  • Licorice Root - Reduces fat beneath the skin and strengthens skin to prevent dimpling.
  • Ginger - Stimulates lipolysis. Topical use may or may not be effective.

Buy Dermology

Dermology Cellulite Solution is sold through the company's website for the affordable price of $49.95. Dermology also comes in a buy 2, get 1 free package or a 6 month supply for the price of 3. That's 3 free months of Dermology when you buy 3 months at $149.95. While it may not be the least expensive deal available, it is certainly competitive. Dermology offers a 90 day return policy, but it is only on unopened or unused items.

Does Dermology Work?

Dermology Cellulite Solution is an effective cellulite-reducing cream. We saw a decrease in visible cellulite and our skin felt smoother after use. Dermology contains a decent amount of effective ingredients and provides consistent results. Overall, Dermology is a good cellulite cream but it is not the most effective at preventing future cellulite. Check out our product reviews to discover the most effective cellulite cream.