Cellulite Burning Shoes

In the battle against cellulite, health researchers and fitness experts are continually examining new products and methods for controlling the appearance of cellulite. From specific exercises to anti-cellulite diets to creams and supplements, the products and ideas for reducing cellulite are numerous, and the list grows larger every day.

What are Cellulite Burning Shoes?

One of the more recent products proposed for fighting the ripples and cottage-cheese-appearance of cellulite are cellulite burning shoes. One of the original manufacturers of these shoes is MBT, which is short for Masai Barefoot Technology. Learn more about MBT Shoes.

Cellulite burning shoes are based on the theory that if a body is unstable, more muscles are activated, which results in greater use of these muscles. The instability is created by making the soles of the shoes rounded, rather than the flat sole found in conventional shoes. This rounded sole makes the shoes a bit wobbly, and the muscles of the legs, buttocks, stomach, and back all have to work harder to compensate for this instability. In addition, the calorie expenditure is increased when more muscles are engaged, which is why the claims from the manufacturers of these shoes that their use can lead to weight loss.

Since cellulite burning shoes work the muscles in many of the areas where cellulite tends to accumulate, the use of these shoes is being promoted as an effective method of reducing cellulite.

How Can Shoes Burn Cellulite?

Theoretically, shoes that increase the calorie burn rate will contribute to weight loss over time, which can help with the reduction of the appearance of cellulite. While there have been a number of health studies that have examined the exercise benefits of cellulite burning shoes, the evidence that these shoes makes a significant impact on cellulite is lacking.

Several studies have found that MBT and similar shoes can strengthen muscles, improve balance, and reduce stress on knee joints and the back. As of this date, no studies have yet found that these shoes can make a measurable impact on the appearance of cellulite. Learn more about cellulite shoes.

Cellulite Burning Shoes Cost

MBT shoes and similar footwear are not cheap; these shoes start at well over $100 per pair and go up from there. If you decide to try out these shoes, be sure to spend a good amount of time at the shoe store wearing them and walking around first, because once you buy them and wear them outside, you are out the money you paid for them.

Some MBT-type shoe wearers feel unstable to the point of dizziness. For people who are prone to dizziness or vertigo, these shoes are most likely not a good choice. In addition, people with circulation issues in their feet should wear these shoes only under the guidance of a health care professional.

Best Way to Burn Cellulite

One of the most proven methods to reduce cellulite is through the regular use of top-quality cellulite creams. These products have been extensively studied, and creams with ingredients like Caffeine, Glaucine, Bupleurum Falcatum Extract, and Centella Asiatica Extract have been shown to effectively reduce cellulite in a large number of test subjects. Read our reviews

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cellulite creams With today's fast and easy cellulite solutions, you don't need to make any appointments or office visits to get rid of cellulite. Dermatological science has discovered combinations of ingredients that virtually melt cellulite away. There are a lot of cellulite creams on the market today so let us help guide you to the cellulite solution that's best for you. Read our reviews.

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