Where does Mariah Carey have cellulite?

In our society that glorifies celebrities, some people are surprised to discover that most celebrities have the same issues with cellulite as everyone else. The difference is that celebrities like Mariah Carey's livelihood is tightly linked with their appearance, so imperfections such as cellulite can end up having a negative impact on their ratings and ultimately, their incomes. The entertainment industry is notorious for overemphasizing body image and perfection.

Mariah Carey, like almost all women over the age of sixteen, has a problem with cellulite, mostly on her upper thighs and her buttocks. She makes an effort to reduce its appearance through workouts, exercises, nutrition supplements, and creams. In her professional photo shoots, sophisticated photo editing can smooth away every unsightly bump, indent, and ripple, but the candid photos taken while Mariah is vacationing or going about her everyday life tell the real story. Mariah's thighs are far from perfect.

Mariah Carey Cellulite in the News

Numerous photos on the Internet show Mariah Carey's cellulite; from photos taken during interviews where she sits wearing short dresses to the ubiquitous bathing suit beach shots, the candid photos snapped by the paparazzi and by fans tell the true story: her thighs and rear are dimpled and bumpy.

Lately, articles and blog posts are calling attention to Mariah's recent weight gain; some articles say that she has put on as much as twenty pounds in the last half year. Her shots in both a black swimsuit and a white suit for a recent music video shoot show a little too much Mariah, according to many sources, and any woman knows that weight gain can make cellulite even more pronounced.

How Mariah Carey Can Get Rid of Cellulite

Besides a commitment to eating a healthy diet with a variety of vitamins and minerals, regular workouts with both cardiovascular exercise and spot exercises can help to control the appearance of cellulite. Mariah Carey can commit to both regimens, but will most likely need a little more to eradicate the dimples and bumps that plague her thighs and posterior.

Luckily for Mariah and for the many other women who are afflicted with cellulite, medical research has successfully identified ingredients that are effective in smoothing the skin and eradicating the ripples and bumps. The top-performing anti-cellulite creams contain high-performance ingredients like:

  • Caffeine, which tightens the skin cells, enhances fat metabolism, and reduces swelling;
  • Glaucine, which regulates the formation of fat cells, reduces inflammation, and stimulates circulation;
  • Bupleurum Falcatum Extract, which helps to shrink fat cells through a process known as lipolysis; and
  • Centella Asiatica Extract, also known as Gotu Kola, which promotes efficient circulation of the blood and restores the cells' macromolecules that help to keep the skin elastic.

Through proper diet, regular targeted exercise, and the use of a high-quality cellulite cream with natural but high-performing ingredients, Mariah Carey and every woman can kiss their cellulite problems goodbye forever. The commitment to an effective anti-cellulite plan can result in improved self-esteem as well as a much improved self-image. Read our reviews.

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